I expect to go well over a million miles before rebuilding my motor.

Eric Graham, Graham Trucking

We were able to achieve a 30% better finish on a machined part that was ground after we added Dyna-Lube to the grinding process.

Lewis F. Bingham, BIMCO Inc.

The torque converter broke and let the engine spin to 11,000+ RPM…when we tore the engine apart we found no damage to rods, crank or bearings, thanks to Dyna-Lube.

Richard Smith, Concussion Racing

We broke off 4 drill bits in less than 400 holes during a machining process. We then tried using Dyna-Lube in a spray mist on the drill as it was drilling and we drilled 74,000 holes without breaking a single drill bit.

Lewis Bingham, Bingham Machine Co.