Dyna-Lube Power Grease, the ultimate solution for automotive and industrial applications. Developed to meet the most demanding requirements, this superior grease contains special additives to handle shock loads and extreme pressure conditions. Its unique space-age formula, proven on the race track, passes the toughest heat, stress, and friction tests. With a high temperature dropping point of 600 degrees plus, excellent water resistance, rust and corrosion protection, and oxidation additives, it ensures easy and safe operation. This grease lowers operating costs, keeps bearings running cooler, and extends the life of bearings and equipment, helping you save money effortlessly.

Benefits Of This Space Age Formula Include:

  • Proven on the race track
  • Passes the strongest HEAT, STRESS, AND FRICTION TEST
  • High-temperature dropping point 600 degrees plus.
  • Excellent water resistance.
  • Rust and corrosion additives for the protection of metal components.
  • Oxidation additives for extended service and high temperature.
  • Special tackiness additives for better adhesion on bearing surfaces.

Available Individually in 1 pound Grease and a 12 Pack of 1pound Grease.

Customer Testimonial

“Our analysis shows a 25% decrease in wear factors using Dyna Lube! – Hal W, Arizona

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