The founder of Dyna-Lube, Mike Eagar, after 50 years of hands-on automotive experience, set out on a quest to extend the service life of vehicles, machinery and equipment. The result of his research and development was the creation of a “balanced additive molecule”. When this molecule is added to any lubricant, regardless of the application, it takes on a new dimension and has proven, through exhaustive testing, to extend the service life of mechanical equipment two and three times.

Utilizing Dyna-Lube Technology, we have created both liquid concentrates – used to enhance the performance of existing lubricants – and a line of specifically formulated “ready-to-use” lubricants, greases and fuel additives.

Dyna-Lube micro-lubricants are supplemental products designed to work in conjunction with – not in lieu of – your existing lubricants and fluids. For the best results – we recommend changing fluids at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals or sooner if operating under adverse conditions.

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