Fuel Energy

Fuel Energy


Even in today’s high performance vehicles, people are forced to use regular unleaded fuel, regardless of manufacturer recommendations, due to escalating costs. Your car will get from point A to point B on regular fuel; however, your upper cylinder, valve seals and guides will take a beating and suffer premature wear. This further reduces the service life and performance of your vehicle. Those of us that live in areas that require emission testing may discover that failures may occur in as little as 30,000 miles, due to this excessive wear.

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Dyna-Lube fuel products are the solution to this fuel dilemma. Adding Dyna-Lube Fuel additive to your tank with each fill up will provide the following benefits:

  • Regular grade fuel may be used in all vehicles, even high performance vehicles that require premium fuel.
  • Superior protection against wear to upper cylinder, valve seals and guides.
  • Cleans and protects fuel injectors and carburetors as you drive
  • Provides octane/cetane boost for both gasoline and diesel fuels

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